A girl holds a picture of one of those killed in the attack on the AMIA building during the commemoration of the terrorism attack. The antiSemitic attack took place on July 17, 1994. (Julio Aracil)

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AMIA, 17 years later

On July 17, 1994 a bomb destroyed the AMIA building and blocks around on Pasteur Street in Buenos Aires. The attack against the Jewish community in Argentina became an attack against Argentina killing 86 people and leaving 300 causalities.

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 The Cross of Caravaca dominates the entrance of "Templo Sagrado Jesus de Nazaré São João Batista" (Jesus of Nazareth Holy Temple São João Batista). Temple led by Dona Maria Natalina where Umbandaime rituals are performed.(Julio Aracil)

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New forms of religion arise in Brazil. The Umbandaime is the mixture of African, Christians, and indigenous rituals. In short represents the essence of men who formed Brazil.

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